One thing I really LOVE about Katara is that she’s a woman who really OWNS her anger. 

Like, girls are taught to never get angry. Never be rude. Don’t yell. It makes you unlikable. It’s not lady-like. 

And Katara just says fuck you to that. She’s sweet, and mothering, and caring, and nurturing almost all the time. But when she’s angry? She’s ANGRY. And she OWNS it. 

She yells at people, she threatens people. Sometimes she’s vain and jealous on top of it all too, and she owns up to that. It takes a special kind of courage and strength to look someone in the eye and honest to god YELL at them. 

Especially the fight above. Paku is an elder, a man in charge. He’s in a privileged position of power over her. And Katara doesn’t take that shit anyway. 

God damn A+ Female empowerment right there.